A surprisingly cheerful bull. 1985.

 Kembali means “return” in Indonesian, and that’s what I’ve decided to do.

I wanted to go back anyway and a few things recently made me think, why not just go? I was on the web yesterday, (Thursday) and the prices were right, so I just booked. I’m staying at Harrad’s Resort Hotel in Sanur for eight nights from Monday 20th.

Would you believe I don’t have a booking after that yet? Heh heh. Nothing like living dangerously. Xmas and New Year are heavily booked and it’s hard to find a good hotel, but I hope to find one tonight. It may be a 3 star on the road into Denpasar, but it looks OK, so I’ll book a few nights and see how I go.

I also phoned my friend Peter Dunn today because he has a villa in Kerobokan and goes up there often. We’ve been friends since the early 1970s in Blythe Avenue, Yokine, so we go way, way, way back. Pete worked at TVW for a long time but has been a commercial director at STW9 for a long time too.

He won’t be there when I am, but I just wanted to see where his place is and what it’s like. It’s on the west coast north of Kuta near the Kerobokan jail where Schappelle resides. Hmmm.

He’s given me a map and address and the phone number of his daughter, who will be there, so I may get to see it. Also a powerpoint slide show of the villa. Nice! Can be done!

One slight problem is that the flight gets into Bali at 2345, so I won’t be out of the airport until 1am or so. It’s too late to get a room at the hotel, so I face sleeping at the airport until I can check in at midday on Monday. I believe the hotel may come to the party and make a room available at a reduced rate. I have to find out.

Uh oh. I’ve been finding myself increasingly weak in the legs, so I swallowed my pride and bought a walking stick today, a high-tech aluminium one, though!. The footpaths in Bali are notoriously uneven and high/low, and if I trip and fall, I go down HARD and can’t get up again. However, I may just use a photo monopod as a walking pole too. Still deciding.

A new problem has arisen: gallstones. I’ve been noticing dull pain in my left side below the rib cage and thought the worst, of course. The Big C? Family history.

So a diagnosis of gallstones was a relief, if you follow my logic. But it’s a new problem to understand and live with. I don’t know enough about it yet, but low fat diet is the mantra. Yeah. So what’s new?

In keeping with that, I’ve just cooked an Indonesian rendang curry, but using kangaroo. I hope I haven’t cooked the ‘roo too long so it goes tough. Looks great, though.

Meanwhile, I bought a new Pentax K-5 last week and a couple of delicious Pentax lenses, so I’m reducing what I take to Bali to one camera body and two lenses. Radical, huh? (Well, maybe one other camera. Well, …. maybe another one, too. Uh oh.)

Nusa Dua family 1983. This was a Pentax shot.

The point is, the Pentax still camera also shoots Full HD video, so I don’t need to take the Canon HF10 camcorder. I’ll feel naked! But I hope this will allow me to do more photography and video without feeling as if I’m bag-bound. Bali is just so photogenic that it begs to be explored. I hope to get out more this time.

Beach Cremation boys. Another Pentax 1983 shot. One of my favourites.

I’ll also be able to do slide shows and edit video, which I love doing. I hope to post the results more often than in November. We’ll see. I’ll have more time this time, three weeks of it.

The rendang curry is very nice, very hot, but the ‘roo is a little chewy. Very nice, but not as good as beef. More work needed.

Minnie’s barking. By a stroke of luck, my neighbours (who looked after her in November) are here until the day I get home, when they go to Rottnest, so it’s worked out perfectly. They have a beautiful dog, Lola, and She and Minnie get on fine, so although I hate leaving Minnie, she’ll be happy and OK. Next door’s kids love her too, so that’s great.

Oh the bugs in this BlogSpot software! How can they release such rubbish?

This time, I’m talking a Jaycar 802.11 high sensitivity WiFi adapter which I hope will allow me to stay in my room to use the web. The hotel in November was annoying – I had to go to the lobby to get within range. We’ll see what happens this time.

OK, enough for now. I’m taking my 2005 Bali slide show/DVD images and I plan to totally revamp it in BluRay HiDef with new material while I’m up there. The possibilities are now infinite. Video, motion, animation, web publishing, wow!

Merry Xmas.


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