Benoa to Benoa

Selemat malam,

It’s been a quiet day today – bit of a sore throat. But I did get out to Benoa this afternoon.

First, the pool is alive!

Pond life

These are the first swimmers I’ve seen all week. I think they’re looking for coins.

I took a taxi out to Benoa at about 5pm hoping to get something comparable to this:

Gunung Agung 1986

I’m not sure where I took this from, but it was somewhere near Benoa, I think.

Well, it was a nice drive this afternoon, but Benoa is now so developed as a port that it’s not very nice any more. Not that it’s bad:

Riverboat steamers?

It’s just crowded and seedy. But I liked this:

I miss my Minnie!

By the way, what do Indonesians say when they answer their mobile phones? ‘Allo? Yes they do.

Here’s a bit of video – see how this goes:

This is HD from the Pentax SLR. I find it’s fantastic to only have one device to carry, but trying to refocus my eyes from the distance to the rear LCD of the camera is hopeless. In video mode, all I have to go on is the rear LCD. In bright light, I really can’t see much of what I’m shooting. I think the answer is going to be to buy another Pentax body, so that one is always set to video and I won’t have to swap lenses or reset the camera.

Besides, I suspect a new semi-silvered mirror model is coming in January. Gotta have the latest!

I hope I’ll be hearing from the estate agent and the villa management tomorrow, so that I can move on with securing the villa. The estate agent sounded quite offended in a reply email when I asked him why I needed to deal through him when I can deal direct with the management, but gosh, mate, who are you acting for? Me or the owners of the villa? Where are your loyalties? What do you add to the deal for me?

I hope Xmas has calmed him down. He’s a Catholic. All will be forgiven, I’m sure.

Dinner time. The restaurant frustrated me again last night. I had a beautiful prawn soup for entree, but the salt and pepper squid for main was NOT the same as I had earlier in the week – just not as good at all. Different chef, different dish. The most reliably enjoyable dish? Nasi Campur. Always good. After I’ve added extra chili, of course! What will tonight bring?  Oh well. Malam.


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