Yesterday Debbie, the wonderful Silver Chain nurse unwrapped my leg and we both said Wow. It’s looking a lot better after being left alone over the weekend. I was virtually pain free too.

Monday 22 October

It might look a bit gory now, but you should have seen it three weeks ago. It was gross. This is good progress. It’s hurting a bit now, but bearable.


A few weeks ago I found the name of the WA General Manager of Carpet Call, the firm that treated me so badly in July. I wrote him a letter of protest a few days ago.

I’m often asked, “What were your expectations? Did you expect this person to behave any differently than what you got?”  Well, my expectation was that the GM of a company, finding that he has a grievously upset customer, might express surprise, might seek to sooth the customer, might try to preserve his company’s reputation and might be prepared to say sorry.

Instead, what I got was more abuse. He phoned me yesterday and there was not the slightest sign of contrition. It was aggression, belligerence, sarcasm, cold callousness and a get lost attitude from the start. I’d signed off on the job and that was the end of the matter. What was I expecting, some kind of compensation? Yes, I was. No chance.

It was so unpleasant that I ended up hanging up on him.

What a way to run a business. He’s a Scot. Up to now, I’d never met a Scot that I didn’t like, but this guy was UNPLEASANT. No wonder the firm is so bad to deal with, it comes from the very top. I thought afterwards, this guy is probably bringing up kids. Poor kids. They’ll grow up with his abusive attitudes, for sure.

I’ve often read about psychopaths in business situations. Now I think I know what it means. Devoid of feelings. Uncaring about anyone else. Now I know. So I will continue to say, deal with Carpet Call if you want to come away bruised and regretful. They’ll oblige. The experts in the trade? Yeah, experts in mistreating customers.


We had another open house on Saturday and another couple came through on Sunday. He was a builder/renovator looking for his next job, so I hope it might spark an interest. I can’t wait to get out of this house. There are too many bad memories now.


I’ve been battling with wi-fi speed on this computer (the desktop Core-i7 unit) ever since I built it in 2009. I used to use a Netgear USB wi-fi LAN stick to connect to the wireless internet router, but could never get above about 10Kb/s, slower than dialup speed. Then I tried a “3” USB modem with an external antenna, with no better results.

Then I put a proper PCI wi-fi network card in with an antenna. Nope, no better. This year, I bought a new TP-Link wi-fi card with three antennae! I went through all the things I can think of – shifting to another PCI slot, installing the latest driver, re-installing Windows (for another reason), reinstalling the motherboard drivers, everything. It’s no better. It can’t even reach my Canon Wi-Fi printer 3m away! This means it’s definitely a Wi-Fi problem, not an internet problem. My laptop, two rooms away and separated by brick walls, can reach the printer and the wi-fi modem with no trouble.

Last week, in desperation, I passed the problem to Tech-Life magazine’s resident guru.  He went through all the answers I’ve already tried and apart from suggesting updating the motherboard BIOS, he admitted defeat too. I’m glad it’s not just me.

So I’ll try the BIOS. I’m always nervous at doing this because I had an update failure a few years ago. When that happens, you’re left with a completely dead motherboard, which can be $200 – $300 worth. In that case, I was able to get a replacement BIOS IC (the actual integrated circuit) from a place in Florida, USA, that specialises in things like that. It worked. I went to that amount of trouble because this was a dual CPU motherboard in the days when there had to be two sockets and two CPUs. Was it worth it? Naaah. I ended up ditching it all, including the CPUs, into the bin last year in the big throw-out.

The PC I’m using is mainly my video editing and slide show machine, so connecting to the internet and wi-fi is not that important. But it’s time to build a new one. Three to four years out of a CPU/motherboard is a long time. Now, the CPU has a video codec on the chip especially for video work. Amazing.

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