For the record

I sent these pictures to a local (Trigg) woman who campaigns for green causes, among others.

This was 29 December 2004


and this was 9 November 2012 (a few weeks ago, iow)


All the trees have grown, except the pines, strangely. They must be mature. The two outer light poles have disappeared in favour of the central one.

My point is to document this view because the Stirling City Council has passed a resolution to rip out ALL these trees and build a new $5m sports pavilion in that top area. Sport, junior football, takes priority over everything else, including my needs and all principles of conservation. It won’t happen immediately, but it’s scheduled for the next few years.

I’ve written to the council protesting and pointing out, among other complaints, that I asked in 2003 for seats under the trees on the left, in the shade. In 9 years, nothing has been done. The only seat is still in full sun. You can’t sit under the trees except on the ground, which I can’t do. My request is ignored.


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