Bali – Wed 6 Jan 2016


Sanur beach.

Second last day. The good news is, I seem to be feeling more energy. The redness on my legs is much reduced. I think the IV antibiotic is doing the right thing.

A week ago I was feeling I’d been here a bit too long, but now, feeling better, I’m a bit sorry to be going home tomorrow. I feel as if I’ll be home a week and planning the next trip. Which I will.

This morning I’ve been to see the guy I started to deal with in December 2010/January 2011, and his wife. I found them both to be in OK health, although there’s a bad shadow looming over John, unfortunately. He’s lost a lot of weight and he never had much to lose in the first place. But he’s still doing his deals and keeping busy, so that’ll keep him going. His wife seems to have got through her troubles.

John’s full of good advice and I listen willingly. I feel as if I need to change my life, and he has ideas on how to do it. I listen.

Already, I can feel myself planning my next trip. Hah! A week ago, I was saying I think this will be my last trip.


Request for more photos:


Kintamani (C) PJ CRoft 2016


Kintamani (C) PJ Croft 2016


Kuta (C) PJ Croft 2016 (small effect applied)


5.15pm: back from BIMC Hospital for last (fourth) IV antibiotic. No problems, wounds are still there but much improved. No need for another IV here but maybe needed at home. Bloody ‘ell, this’ll teach me to be more careful. What an idiot I was – if I’d only kept up with the Dermeze I could have saved myself all this trouble and expense. Another Rp.1,115,000 ($120) today. Thank goodness for credit cards. Plus the cost of the taxis back and forth, of course, $8 – $10 each way.

The drivers all say business is very bad – not many tourists. Volcano, terro…ism fears, general financial downturn in Europe and Australia. Very light traffic on Jalan Bypass today, whereas yesterday was pretty chocka.

I arrived right on 4pm and was called in within 5 mins, which was good. I waited an hour yesterday. All done and out by 4.50pm.


More pics:


Ubud (C) PJ Croft 2016


Ghostly prahus. Sanur. (C) PJ Croft 2016


Civet cats (C) PJ Croft 2016

You’ve heard of Coffee Luwak. Well, these are the civet cats that eat the beans, then shit them out for us to consume. Nice, huh? If you look closely, there are actually two of these cats in the shot. Look for the third eye.


Kintamani, 5.25am (C) PJ Croft 2016

Those are the lights of Trunyan in the distance, on the edge of Lake Batur. I haven’t been there and I’d like to go one day. Next time.


The white SUV was double parked next to the row of motorbikes in the main street of Ubud. It was blocking traffic terribly. You can see the blue bus trying to get past, going right up onto the footpath. The SUV was there for at least three hours, locked, with the keys in the ignition. They were trying to break in using the wire down the window for an hour or so, until a new guy finally got in.


This cop was one of three, all standing around, talking on their phones and walkie talkies. This guy was gettin’ a bit irate. Once they got the car open, they started her up and drove away quick smart.


Kintamani  6.15am 22 dec 2015 (C) PJ Croft 2015, 2016


Kintamani 5.38am (C) PJ Croft 2016


My last night here and dammit, I wish I had longer now. I’m disappointed that my friends from the crispy duck restaurant haven’t contacted me after my visit on Monday. They’ve missed out on my gifts. Oh well.




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