Bali, Sanur, day 18


This is the view from our hotel doorway right now. Gunung Agung, around 48Km away. It’s huge, by any stretch.

It’s another fine day and I went for a long walk this morning. I needed a haircut (gunting rambut) so I went to the Peni Weni Salon near the Taksu. They remembered me from March. Hey, how could they forget? I’m the guy who had a manicure and got his fingernails painted.

I had a coffee in the kulkas (fridge) that is the Taksu coffee shop, then set off down Jalan Sudamala to Jalan Cemara, then left, heading back here. My purpose was to check out a villa that one of the salon ladies was trying to persuade me to rent. In Jade Villas.

Yeah, right. First, it’s already rented and is booked out for most of the year, and second, it’s US$200 a night! Hah, forget it, lady. The villa is in a fantastic complex, down a lane and quiet. It would be nice.


Anyway, I continued on the last few hundred meters to the Artotel. All up, about 1.34Km.

Screenshot 2016-05-29 17.10.09

That’s Artotel, across in Jl. Poso to the Taksu, down to Jl. Cemara, then across and around to Artotel.

In this warmth, that’s not bad for a 69 year old, obese, geriatric guy. I handled it OK, walking slowly, stopping a couple of times to cool down a bit in the shade.


I’ve just seen, in the Bali Advertiser, that there’s hardly a beach left in Bali that’s not polluted by raw sewage at some time. That’s not just disheartening and shameful, it’s also a big risk for someone like me with a compromised immune system, possibly unnoticed small skin breaks and in view of the near end of antibiotics. It’s scary.

This hotel has a rooftop pool (there’s nowhere else to put it!) with an infinity edge. We can only hope it’s properly chlorinated.

We bought rubber sandals yesterday to protect our feet from the sharp coral fragments in the water at the beach. At $5.69 a pair, they don’t break the budget, even if they break the style council rules.



Ain’t that cute?



Another view of my “girlfriend”.



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