Airlie Beach B112 Nik

Airlie Beach, Qld.    © PJ Croft 2016

Brrrr. It would be nice to be there. I’m told there’s a cool wet snap has descended on Bali, forecast to last a week. The cool air is sweeping up from Australia, i.e. here, outside my door. Go air, go.


Brexit! What a disaster! This will go down in history as the ultimate cut-off-your-nose-to-spite-your-face decision of all time.

It has divided the UK, almost literally. North vs South, young vs old, intelligent vs dumb bums, Scotland vs England, Northern Ireland vs England and Wales, and possibly N. Ireland vs “southern” Ireland.

This is all the doing of that idiot Tory, Cameron. He will go down in history as one of the great failures.

Now the racists are ratcheting up. They’ve been stirred up by that Oswald Mosely of the 21st century, Nigel Farage. A racist xenophobic stirrer with nothing real to contribute, just slogans.

Make no mistake, this is a disaster. This will play out for years and we’ll all suffer. As The Economist said on the cover last week, Divided We Fall. Putin will be rubbing his hands with glee. It’s just what he wants, disunity in Europe. What fools are the Poms.


I’ve spent a lot of time today fixing my main desktop PC. I can’t remember what happened a few days ago, but it wouldn’t boot up any more.

So I pulled it out into the dining area (for the daylight), and proceeded to reseat all the memory strips (DIMMs), the PCI cards and the plugs and sockets. What a job. PCs are hard on the fingers. All the DIMMs and plugs use clips which are not only stiff and hard, but have sharp edges. My cold fingers are sore.

I found one of the memory modules was improperly inserted (my fault) and that was making the power supply cycle, i.e. protect itself. Thank goodness for this bit of good design. In the old days – 30 years ago – the power supply would have died or the module would have been destroyed.

OTOH, I would still have a job fixing power supplies 😦


Anyway, I’m back in business and it was a chance to clean the filters, rearrange a mess of cables and generally wipe it down.

In the process I used an HDMI to DVI adapter from another monitor and had a terrible time getting it off the base. The designers placed it underneath a recessed bit, so that you can’t see it without upending the monitor. The thumbscrews were so tight I had to use pliers. Try doing that by feel.

Then when I put it back again later, I spent about 5 minutes cursing, swearing and busting my fingers trying to get it back into place again. Why not upend the monitor? I had to, in the end, but this is a heavy item and the space is limited and I don’t want to scratch the desk or wall.

Why can’t Dell make it easy for us?????


I’ve just seen this:

I admit that at Easter 1964, I, with some other guys from The Hut, was ejected from the island, told to catch the next day’s ferry and go home. Why? We chose to camp under the lighthouse rather than in the camping area. Why? I think it was because we didn’t have any camping gear. We had a few bottles of Swan Lager beer, and in those days we were under-age drinkers. the drinking age was 21.

But drugs?? No, not even in our minds. What a change has happened in 50 years. Lamentable.


I read a review of a new tablet PC the other day, and got the hots for it a bit. It was the ASUS Transformer T300 Chi. It looked juicy and I started looking up the price. I found a few prices, but left it for a week.

Today I went back to the ASUS site and found it’s gone from their product list! There used to be a T100, T200 and T300. Only the first one is left.

OK, it’s been replaced, and I’ve read a review of the ASUS Transformer 3 Pro, shown in Taiwan in May. But that’s not up on ASUS’s web site. Huh?



ASUS Transformer 3 Pro.

Why am I looking at this? On my last trip I took my Dell 15″ laptop, weighing nearly 2Kg all up, and my Samsung Tab S tablet, weighing about 800g.

The Samsung uses Android and I found it surprisingly useful. Mainly for reading the news and emails at breakfast, I must admit. But I don’t like using Android. I’ve got used to it, but it’s a dog compared to Windows.

This new ASUS uses Windows, but still gives full touch control. The Dell laptop is a touch screen as well, and I found it surprisingly usable.

If I could only take one 800g device with me when travelling, which gave me all the functionality of Windows (10 or 7), had a 2880 x 1920 display, a Core i7 processor, 8GB RAM and a 512GB SSD, for around $1,000, I’m interested.

I’m not sure it’s available yet, and I’m not planning a trip in the near future, but …


I have an appointment on Friday with the gastric surgeon to, I hope, remove my gastric band. The thing is, I asked for an appointment in early May. I’ve had to wait over two months. This is unconscionable! This the doctors’ union in operation. The AMA artificially restricts the number of doctors who can become specialists so as to keep a big waiting list.

This is wrong! Why should someone with a serious bodily problem have to wait two months to get to see a doctor? This is no different to any union or “restraint of trade”issue.

But on Friday, I’ll have to keep a straight face and be polite. After all, he’s going to cut into me. NB: he takes his fee up front. The bill comes through immediately, even before the service is provided. Even plumbers don’t do that. Nice going.  I spit!


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