At the races


What is it? I reckon it’s the finish line for the great duck race on Kingsbridge Lakes.

It seems to be to keep the water birds away from the bridge? While I took this pic, I was surprised by a great whoooosh of sound, created by this:


It’s a remote controlled speed boat, and SPEED! is what it does. Zow, I reckon it hit 100km/h in a straight line.


You can just see it in the spray plume.

I was surprised that all the birds were completely undisturbed by it zooming around. Granted, they were mostly on the grass, but they just ignored it. Good.


Pretty quiet for the past few days, sorry. I saw the doc on Monday about my leg, and she wanted a Doppler ultrasound (they’re the best kind, y’know) and blood tests. The ultrasound yesterday was all clear, thank goodness. That was my worry, a Deep Vein Thrombosis. The blood results were mostly fine except for inflammation. I know that.

So I’ve had three intravenous antibiotic injections through a cannula in my arm so far, and there will be another two, tomorrow and Friday. It’s going OK, the redness is shrinking down and the swelling is reduced.

But I’ve been given strict instructions to lie on my bed with my leg elevated above my shoulders. I’m to regard myself as if I were in hospital, just at home. I can get up for toilet and meals, but no walking around. if I want to watch TV, I’m to lie on the couch, not sit.

So no pretty nurses buzzing around, but it’s better than being in hospital, I guess. I feel OK.


I wanted to buy a car cigar lighter/USB adapter yesterday and found one in K-Mart. I took it to the self service (ie, do it yourself, mate! Who do you think you are?) checkout and it refused to scan. I called the girl and she came over and whipped it out of my hand. “No, this is not for sale, sorry.” But, but? “It’s been withdrawn from sale.” But it’s right here, in my hand! Why can’t I just buy it? Nope. I couldn’t. CRAZY!

So I found one just as good in the newsagent for about the same price, $10 for a dual outlet.



Stephen and Lisa Croft, USA cousins.

That’s my USA cousins, Stephen on the left and Lisa on the right. Stephen’s just turned 65. Lisa’s about 58? Not sure when this was taken. Pretty good lookin’, huh? I reckon Stephen is a dead ringer for Bruce Willis.

He posted a big swag of photos to Facebook yesterday, and he’s sure led a varied life. He worked on a kibbutz in Israel in the 70s, as a carpenter/builder and for the past 15 years or so as a fireman/emergency/paramedic in Providence, Rhode Island. He’s very proud of that, I think. He lives near Newport, RI. Lisa lives in California, south of SF. There was another brother Dean, but he passed away some years ago.



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