Another bad assumption!


Gracetown, a stitched panorama (click to get the full effect)

Crumbs, I keep assuming things that turn out to be wrong.

I need to move from here (Alan’s Margaret River farm) next week and I was going to work my way back towards Perth, staying in caravan parks. I assumed I’d be OK with Minnie.

Oh no. Most caravan parks say “No pets”. Each one I looked at on the web seemed to be the same. I was getting a bit nervous for a while. Then realising it’s Easter coming up, the choices were really narrowing down.

So I decided to visit the Busselton tourist bureau and bless ’em, they had a list of dog friendly places to stay in Busselton. The first one I tried had a cabin vacancy for most of the time I need, so I’ll be in Busselton from next Thursday to Good Friday morning, when I have to vacate. Then Alan says I can come back here over Easter. Phew. That’s a relief. This being homeless is a bit stressful. If I were on my own, it would be OK, but travelling with a dog is complicated.

Not long to go, I hope. Barry hinted that there may be a delay in my moving in date due to finance complications for the sellers, but not too long, I hope. I’ll be finding out more on Monday when I have to come up to Perth to see the vascular surgeon.

More pics:




It was quite wet here yesterday, but Alan, being a true farmer, is not satisfied. He wants much heavier rain. Don’t we all? I was driving in the rain yesterday and got totally disoriented leaving Busselton. I took one roundabout exit too many and was on the Perth road for nearly ten kilometers before I realised I was going in the wrong direction. With no sun, I lost my sense of direction. Duh!


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