What a good day!

Monday 18 March – a good day. First, Oh Ye of Little Faith, O Ye Doubters. Thanks for your concern, but don’t you worry about me. Margaret River to Perth and back in one day? Easy. Piece of cake. Great drive. No trouble at all. (More on this tomorrow.)

I left Alan’s farm at 0630 in fog and mist – very nice. The drive was non stop and by 0930 I was driving across the Narrows, sooner than I expected. I don’t drive at the speed limit – I drive about 10Km/h lower, so it’s safe and sound. And I announce a new world record: 8.0 litres/100Km. That’s xxx mpg, I’ll work it out later. The best I’ve ever had previously was 8.6.

By 0940 I was driving past Lake Monger and realising I was two hours early! I had breakfast at Floreat Forum and read the paper, then arrived for my specialist’s appointment at 1130am.

Then I waited an hour past my appointment time. Grrrr. Finally, at 1230 I was in, and less than five minutes later, I was out.

So. get this: I’ve waited two and a half months for this appointment, thinking and worrying that I’ve got a leg vein problem that needs surgical fixing. I was told I may have congestive heart failure, so I made an urgent appointment with the cardiologist, and was told, no, no problem; so, today I’ve driven three hours, had to wait an hour past my appointment time, only to be told, no, your leg looks OK, there would be no benefit in doing surgery, just keep on with the pressure stockings, see how you go and if you have a problem, come back and see me. No further appointment made.

Kerrumbs! I’ve been worried about this. I thought I was going to need surgery. I thought I had congestive heart failure. But no, “take two aspirin and see how you feel in the morning.”

Well, it’s good news, but … I’ve had two months of worry for nothing. Even my GP said, “Why don’t you go to Bali?” I thought I was in danger of DVT or similar, but he says, no, no need to worry when you’re on Plavix and aspirin.

OK, relax. Deep breaths. Caaaaalm.


After the doctor I had coffee with Barry and it looks as if settlement on my new place will be as scheduled, i.e. Wednesday 4 April. Therefore, barring the unforeseen, I can take possession on Thursday 5 April. Whoopee! I can’t wait.


My first action will be to order a bed as near identical as I can get to the one I’m sleeping on at Alan’s. It’s very comfortable and I awake with no back problems and feeling refreshed. Bed Shed, Alan tells me. I only need a single bed for one of the bedrooms in my new house in order to move in. Then I can get my stuff delivered at leisure. What a relief it will be to be back in my own house on my own bed. I am overwhelmingly grateful to my friends who’ve helped me out in these past few weeks, but boy, I want to be in my own place!

More tomorrow.

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