I’m well, thanks, how are you?


I got my latest three monthly blood test results today, and the doctor was very pleased. So am I.

The main one is HbA1c, the three monthly average blood glucose. The last four quarterly readings have been 8.1, 8.2, 7.1 and the latest one 7.0. That’s “Satisfactory glycaemic control.” Very satisfying. It would be better if it was 6.0, but this’ll do.

Kidneys? All readings normal. Liver? Same. Cholesterol? 3.2! All the LDL, HDL and Triglycerides are within the target range. I do not have a cholesterol or lipids problem. “Good lipaemic control.”

My weight continues to fall. I came back from Bali 0.5Kg lighter than when I left, and I’ve kept it off since I’ve been home. The key? Good breakfast of low GI foods (porridge, multigrain toast), light lunch, sometimes only a handful of nuts, and importantly, only a very small dinner, often just a cup-a-soup. I’m just eating less and less.


The lies being told by Turnbull and Christopher Pyne, the so called minister for Science and Innovation about the NBN are just breathtaking!

They say there’s been more progress connecting premises in the past month than there was in the first three years under Labor’s FTTP plan.

They conveniently don’t mention that it was always going to be necessary for there to be around 3 – 5 years’ planning before the first premises could be connected. Of course there’s more progress now, that’s because the planning phase is largely over and the connection phase is running! There was no way that connections could start in the first three years under Labor! This is just another Liberal Party lie.

Look at the WA state government’s latest backflip. In 2013 they announced that a light rail nline would be built to Perth’s NE suburbs. They said repeatedly, it was “fully funded and costed”.

Now they’ve announced, three years later, that the plan has been abandoned as too expensive. But it was “fully funded and costed”! Where did the funding go? It was just another Barnett government lie. Like the electricity prices that would be tied to “at or near the CPI”. The fact is that electricity prices have risen at more than triple the CPI. Barnett just brushes it off as not a commitment. It was a lie.

The Liberal Party deliberately lies to you.


The UK votes today to stay in the EU or leave. I HOPE THEY STAY! It will be a tragedy if they leave.

Why?The main thing for me is that a leave vote will almost certainly trigger another referendum in Scotland on whether to leave the United Kingdom. Scotland is a big beneficiary of the EU and wants to stay in. If England votes to leave, it will probably break the union. Contrary to my views last year, I would say Scotland should leave the UK this time around. It would be a tragedy, however.

Also, the Republic of Ireland is a member of the EU and uses the Euro as its currency. But the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland is open – no passports are needed as both the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland (UK) are members of the EU. But if Britain leaves, the border controls will have to be reimposed, renewing the divisions between northern and southern Ireland that have taken decades to mend.

There’s also the loss of London as the finance and banking capital of the world, although since London has been voted the most corrupt city in the world recently, maybe that wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Finally, have you heard the phrase “Perfidious Albion”? Perfidious means untrustworthy. That would be entirely appropriate if Britain ran away, in my opinion. It would be yet another example that Britain can’t be trusted, and never has been trustworthy. That phrase Perfidious Albion didn’t just spring up for no reason.

Another point: voting is not compulsory. On such a vital question, how can they ever be sure that the result reflects the real wishes of the people? This is a crazy system.


The West Australian published an item about Perth radio stations today: http://www.lookatwa.com.au/Entertainment/radiostations.html which lists all the stations in Perth. Quite useful. I have the feeling the list might be out of date, but I need to check further.

There’s also a list of TV stations and I’m not too impressed with that list. They say “Access 31 was a public access station that operated from 1999 and closed in 2008 due to insolvency.” That may be so, but West TV is still operating and doing a great job, but they don’t mention it. Black mark.


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