Appalling Carpet Call!

Casual attitudes – sleeping lying dogs
The casual attitude of Carpet Call continues to amaze me. They know they’ve got an angry customer, but it took two days for the manager to come here to investigate. Then he arrived 25 mins late!
Yesterday he said a fixer would be here today to rectify the laying faults.
I’ve just had a call from them – the fixer guys will be here next Tuesday!! Another three days’ wait.
This is atrociously bad service. All the platitudes yesterday about how “we pride ourselves on our after sales service”. Bullshit!
Never again. This is Aussie business for you, casual, sloppy, near enough, couldn’t care less.
This reminds me of two more examples.
I wrote a few weeks ago about visiting Dick Smith at Karrinyup, how they were far, far too casual about showing me a Samsung Note, refused in fact, how the store alarm was going off, how there were no prices on things. I got out of there.
I wrote to them on their web site, detailing all this. Result? Nothing, no reply. Ha! Did I expect anything else from an Aussie company?
Then Nuance USA sent me details of a special half priced offer of Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition software for $49.95. I wanted it and tried to buy on-line from the US site, but they will only ship a box, and not to Australia. Contact the Australian Nuance site.
I did. Price in Australia, double, $99.95 for the same software!
I emailed Nuance in Sydney – no reply. I emailed Nuance USA and told them about this. They emailed straight back and said, sorry, we can’t do it for you, you must go through the Sydney site.
So I tried Sydney again. Result – nothing!!! No reply. Unbelievably bad service from Australian firms.

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