My presence is required

Urrrgh, I’m gettin’ seriously sick of this heat.

He is too.

Yeah, 64 today. In my mind, I haven’t changed, but the body is saying “Body says noooo.” Getting very fatigued. Vicious circle – I need to exercise to lose weight and stave off the decline, but I’m too weak and tired to exercise. Hard going.

I’ve had a very nice invitation which says my presence is required at my villa on the 8th of March. This is an auspicious date for the spirits in Bali to confer blessings on the whole three-villa complex. Wow. How can I say no?

It must be auspicious, because when I checked the airfares, I can go and return for $400 total, including a 30Kg baggage allowance going up. That means I can start to transport my stuff. And what stuff!!! I won’t actually need many clothes, so I’ll fill the case with things I’ll want straight away, such as my multi-region Blu-Ray player, speakers, mini hi-fi, a few family pictures maybe, and some camera gear. I reckon I’ll need to buy a safe up there, because the bedroom building can’t be fully locked. That’s because the bathrooms are open to the sky and someone could come over a wall and get in. Unlikely, but…

This trip will also give me the opportunity to find a fridge and microwave oven, and a real mattress. It’ll all work out well, I hope. I’m looking forward to it already.

Barry the salesman says he’s had five enquiries so far (as of this morning) so people are seeing the web ad. There’s a long way to go yet, but it’s encouraging.

Poor Minnie! I can see a visible weight loss already, but that’s because she’s not eating. It breaks my heart. She sits outside waiting for her normal food and it doesn’t come, but she will hardly touch the Euthanasia dry food. Surely it must be reasonably palatable? She used to eat the other “Mature Dog” pellets I gave her, even if reluctantly. The birds loved ’em and they’re feeding on these too. How they get them down their throats beats me.

Book clearing starts now. Ruthless efficiency is our weapon, that and the Spanish Inquisition. No, surprise, ruthless efficiency and the Spanish Inquisition. And a big dumper bin. Want any books or DVDs? Act now or forever regret it.