Getting there…

Another double entendre.

I’m getting to the stage where an end is in sight to the clearing and boxing. Today was the last day I could put stuff in the big dumper, (assuming they come to take it early tomorrow), so I had to work hard to fill it. Keith came to give me a hand, bless him, and we got most of the heavy stuff out.

In the morning I dumped all my computer books, dozens of them. I used to believe that if I bought a book, I’d know how to use software and be expert at doing things. Each book cost $75 – $85 even back in the 1990s, so it was a big investment, but I used to drool over those books. Did it work? Well, I did pretty well, but I can’t actually say it was due to the books…

I dumped a chest of drawers I’d bought at Boans Karrinyup (pre- Myer and back when we had real shops!) in 1975 and painted myself. Crumbs, that’s 36 years! It was only cheap pine, no value and not even remotely trendy, so it wouldn’t have been saleable or giveable. Out, out! But even so, it’s wrenching.


The other meaning of the heading is that I’ve been dreaming up ways to get Minnie to Bali. I can’t imagine life without her. Having a dog like her is like having the perfect child: never naughty, never answers back, never in a bad mood, always happy, always smiling, always obedient, always friendly, always loving and affectionate. Always there for you. Chien au Dieu.

No, it’s a rubber tongue!

So I’m wondering if there’s a way to get her to Bali with the minimum stress on her and me. What about by sea? By sea from a nearby Aussie port? It’s just a pipe dream at this moment, but worth thinking about. Probably impossible, but… what an adventure it would be for both of us. Never say die.