The heat, the heat!

Oh my Dog, how long will this heat go on? Today was 34C after 34C yesterday and tomorrow is forecast for another 34C and humid. This must be a record. It’s been a month now of above 30C and there’s STILL no end in sight. People ask me how I’ll cope with Bali’s heat. Are you kidding? Bali is cooler than here.

The first home open is tomorrow at 10am to 12 noon (I think!) so I’ve been desperately working today to try to tidy the house. Ha! A hopeless task, but I’ve made an improvement. Even vacuumed.

I had a big bin delivered today and got another example of the “attitude” of young guys. He wouldn’t put it in the car space where I wanted it – and I could see why. The truck was just too big.

So I said OK, put it at the bottom of the drive, a straight backing path. But it ended up across my gate and too close to the fence. I asked him to help me (help me!) move it across, but he just said, “Yer won’t move it, mate.” Meaning it’s too heavy. OK, I said, but I want it across a bit. Nah, too much trouble, not his problem! He wouldn’t do it!


So there it is, blocking large objects through the gate and too close to the fence to drop the door of the bin. But his attitude was, “Not my problem. Can’t do it.” I can’t handle these young guys any more. The lack of manners, the lack of politeness, the don’t care attitude. Reason number 107 to leave Perth. I’ve had enough.