And the heat goes on…

Another hot 35C day, after another hot day yesterday, and another hot day tomorrow, and every day next week. I’m sick of this heat.

I had the electrician here today and now I’m all legal. The RCDs (Residual Current Detectors) are installed with a mains powered smoke detector in the passageway. He also reconnected the stove and it works fine, and fixed a couple of minor wiring things, so I have a certificate to show buyers. They can even cook a steak on the gorilla while viewing the house.

There it is, my house for sale on the web.

 Barry the salesman has had one enquiry already, with the implication that the buyer may come over from Melbourne to view the house! Wow. That’s what people do these days, I guess. However, it’s very early days and the house will be open on the weekend after next. That’ll show the true level of interest. I’m very happy that Barry is working for me and will do a good job.

Minnie is on the second day of her diet and gradually realising that the dry food in the bowl is all she’s getting. She still just nibbles at it, but she has no choice. Poor Minnie. However, I have to give her three tablets a day, so I put them into balls of dog sausage, which she loves, so that’s some compensation for her. The balls are small, about 50g in total. I hope that’ll be OK.

I’m getting some old Super 8 movie film transferred to DVD by a Sydney company. I’ve had four reels in my cupboard since the 1970s and I’m not sure it’ll be worth the cost, but until I can see it, I’ll never know. The cost? $400. Ouch. But it’ll be better quality than I could ever have got back in the 80s or 90s due to new techniques (full frame CCD scanning), so I hope for nice results. Kodachrome is virtually fade proof, so the film should be good.

All my CD and DVD transfers (either to hard drive or to albums) are done, so now I can concentrate on physically boxing up the debris and taking stuff to op shops, Save the Children Fund book depots, bulk bins or wherever I can get rid of them. My efforts to give them away have met with little success, so out they go.

I talked to the chemist at North Beach today about three monthly pharmacy supplies. It turns out that as long as I have the prescriptions, he can do it by mail! He’s lived in Asia himself, working for the UN, and is fully au fait with what I’m doing. It seems I could just email him with a prescription renewal for three months’ worth, and he could post them to me in Bali. Excellent. It was going to cost me $400 or so every three months to come back, so that saves that cost. Wow. Can be done. Better and better.

I’m watching Grand Designs on TV at the moment, and recording it, but it’s an episode I’ve already got, Midlothian. I’ve realised the episodes on TV now are just repeats from 2-3 years ago… t’was ever thus.

I’ve heard from Bali, and there’s a ceremony being held on 8 March to bless my villa by the Balinese spirits. How about that? I should be there! I hadn’t planned it, but maybe I could go? I’ll check airfares. What a strange feeling – to think of visiting my other home on the spur of the moment. Wow!