Sunday, bloody Sunday

I picked Minnie up from Ian’s place this morning and brought her home. She was zonked! I don’t think she slept well last night and the car trip was too tiring. She’s slept all day today, but by 6pm she’d perked up and was looking for food, so that’s a good sign.

But it indicates that a long plane journey would be very hard on her. We agreed today that if she stays with them for a while, it buys time and it’s possible we could get her into Bali legally, either by a change in the regulations or some other way. All I can do is hope.

The house has been open for inspection twice now but there have been few people through. It’s too early to worry, but it’s just my luck to pick now to sell. Can’t be helped. Don’t panic, don’t panic.

How about this? I left the sliding door to the main bedroom open this morning at 10am to let the cooler air in while people came through, then went out to Ian’s place in Darlington. I got home again at 1235pm and only then realised that my wallet was still on the bench and the bedroom sliding door was still open! No fault on the real estate agent – I didn’t mention the door, but phew! If that wallet had disappeared, I would have been a bit upset! It contains your life, these days.

Now I’m seeing clear progress in clearing the clutter. All the CDs and DVDs are gone. I estimate over 1200 CDs and over 250 DVDs. Amazing. All have been either copied to hard drives or transferred to soft wallets.

Many, many books are now in boxes for delivery to the Save the Children Fund book depot. Many still to go, but the clearance is visible.

Most of my clothing went last week. Next is household appliances, crockery, cutlery and glassware. Orrefors, Ittala, Bormioli, all the top brands – can’t give it away so it goes to the op shops.

Then the slides and negs! Thousands in about 40 ring binders, covering 30 years of my photography. I do have most of them scanned, but scans can always be done better and I’m reluctant to ditch them. I might have to, though.

Then the workshop! So many tools! So many screws, nuts, bolts, timber, metal, garden implements, plumbing bits, power tools… overwhelming. I think the only way is to get a dealer in to give me a price to take the lot.

Then all the rest goes into the big steel bin at the front. I have 5 days left to fill it before it’s taken away. Out, out damned spot!