My complaint to the bin hire firm resulted in returned phone calls and a return visit this morning from the young guy to fix the problem.

Full credit to the young guy – he wasn’t grumpy and just did what I asked, which was to move the bin forward about 1m and closer to the wall by 1m. It took two tries, but it’s now accessible and I can drop the door down.

If only he’d listened to the customer, he would have saved us all a lot of time and trouble. But it’s fixed, so I congratulate Affordable Mini Bins of Mullaloo.

It was the first Home Open today from 2-4pm and I had to vacate. Strange feeling to know that people are looking through your home. I have no idea what happened – out of mobile phone range at my brother’s place in Darlington, so I didn’t hear the result. No Under Offer sticker on the sign, though!

Minnie’s at my brother’s place overnight as a trial. She seemed very happy, so I was able to make my departure with no traumas. She can’t negotiate the stairs, though, so…