And the house crumbles…

Lots of tragedy at the moment, aye. On top of New Zealand’s grief, we learned today of the passing of one of our cousins in California, USA. Poor Dean. We didn’t know you very well, mate, but we knew what illness you were going through and it became too much for you last night.

Our hearts go out to Stephen and Lisa. Although we’re far away, we’re with you, in the electronic room with you, feeling your pain.

That makes four relatives passing on in one year. That’s the way it is at our time of life, we know, but it’s hard all the same. Bear up. It does get easier with time.

More progress clearing the house today and I can now hear an echo when I clap my hands! I’m a long way from filling that very expensive dumper bin at the front, and tomorrow has to be an even bigger effort. They come to take it away on Friday, filled or not, and it cost $290!!!

It’s crazy. Keith helped me by cleaning the workshop today, and if it had been that clean in the past 10 years, I might have got a lot more done. Bit late now.