No, it’s no good

I’m afraid my hopes have been dashed.

The Indonesian Consulate sent me all the information, which is the same information that’s on their web site. When I read it closely, I realised it’s been there all along:

It is illegal to bring pets (dogs, monkeys, cats, and other such animals) into the following rabies-free areas and provinces:

Madura, Bali, Nusa Tenggara Barat, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Maluku, Irian Jaya, Kalimantan Barat, all islands included in the Sumatran area  

Pets (dogs, monkeys, cats, and other such animal) can be brought into Indonesia through the following port of entries:

Seaports: Tanjungpriok, Cirebon, Semarang, Tanjungperak, Belawan Deli, Teluk Bayur, Ujung Pandang and Manado

Airports: Jakarta, Medan, Pakanbaru, Manado, Surabaya

(I added the colour.)

In other words, I could fly her into Surabaya (East Java, 370Km from Bali) but it’s still illegal to bring her into Bali. If I were prepared to fly her to Surabaya, pay er, pocket money, then drive from Surabaya across Java to the ferry at Banyuwangi, ferry across the strait to Gilimanuk, then across Bali to Sanur, all the while avoiding police inspections and paying pocket money, it might work. And it might not and she might be traumatised and probably shot.

I think it’s too traumatic even for me and too difficult and dangerous. I have two last options, but I think I have to resign myself to leaving her here.

Not too happy. About to leave for the hospital.

Not as bad as yesterday

The news about dog imports is a bit better today, but still a worry.

I got through to the Indonesian Consulate and they have no knowledge of any ban into Bali. But neither can they say positively that I can import Minnie. It seems to be a mystery why Jet Pets has this knowledge.

OK, I said, I’ll ring Garuda.

Garuda were very helpful. Catherine said she had gone through this with her dog from HK to Mauritius and understood my distress. She said Garuda carries people, and that is their prime focus, but she knew of no reason why they wouldn’t carry a dog.

Full credit to her, but she just Googled dog transport firms and said, “Try these”, so I was back on my own again.

The local Perth firm I tried was very sympathetic and very helpful. They had heard there was a problem, but didn’t know for sure. They are checking and will get back to me. But the suggestion was, I may have to go via Surabaya in Java and then go by road and ferry to Bali. Payment of moneys may be required.

OK, I understand that, but I dread the thought. Surabaya’s a BIG city and is 370Km from Sanur, Bali. Minnie’s going to be traumatised enough, let alone a long road trip. Not to mention me! She can’t jump up into buses or vans and I have trouble too.

Tomorrow (Thursday) I’m in hospital to have my gastric band removed, so it all has to wait. I’ll know more on Friday.

Phew! This is hard going. That little bit of rain we had this afternoon on our 39C day wet some of the cardboard cartons of belongings I had out the back! Dammit. Not too badly, but who would have thought we’d get rain? Ha! I should have…