Rumah untuk dijual

I’m not sure if my Bahasa is up to speed yet, but the heading means House for Sale. I was recommended (strongly recommended) to a friend of a friend who sells houses and he came here today for preliminary talks.

All I can say is, you have to trust someone and make a decision at some stage, so I’ve given him the go-ahead. He came across as enthusiastic and knowledgeable and didn’t try to snow me, so he’s coming back tonight with the papers for me to sign (authority to sell).

That rumour that you can’t sell a house without a stove? Just that, a rumour! I pulled the stove out a couple of months ago with the intention of putting it out for the junk collection, but I had to put it back last week because I believed the rumour. I needn’t have bothered – you don’t have to have a stove to sell a house. But it cleaned up nicely, so it doesn’t matter.

An electrician is coming on Thursday to install two RCDs and two smoke detectors, so I’ll get him to reconnect the stove, too.  This is probably going to be a waste of money because anyone who buys this house is probably going to demolish it, but the law must be obeyed.

How about this? The sales guy is entered into a yacht race from Fremantle to Bali in late April! He said he’ll come and visit me in Bali, so it’s a good incentive for him to get my house sold and for a good price, so that I can afford to pay for beds and furniture when he visits!

He also has long experience selling cars, so I took the opportunity to pick his brains about mine. Good news here too – it looks as if I should be able to get about $1500 more for it than I would have expected, not just by his estimation but by comparing it with similar cars for sale in Perth on the web. All contributions welcome.

The CD/DVD transfer process continues. Wow, I haven’t got a count yet but it must be well over 500 (see below). I’m finding CDs I’d forgotten about and will welcome hearing again.

Back in the 1980s when CDs first came on the scene, I remember that it was considered a measure of your hi-fi status by how many CDs you had in your collection. I think 50 was a lot then. How times change.

I’ve given up on trying to transfer (rip) them to hard drive – it’s too slow and too big a job. Instead, I’m taking only the disc and inner paper sleeve and putting them into CD “wallets” which hold 100. I can’t fit 100 as the paper bits make too much bulk, but there’d be 80 or so in each wallet and I’ve done five, so there are 400 in those alone, plus seven plastic boxes with about the same number in each – that’s 560, so that’s nearly 1000 already. I’ve still got five shelves to go! I’ve bought all BigW Karrinyup’s stock of the wallets, so I’ll have to go wider afield.

Later, 9pm: the salesman has been back and I’ve signed the papers, so the For Sale sign is up on the front lawn. This is a turning point in my life. Strange feeling.