How times have changed!

First, how awful is Ian’s wife’s situation. That’s not a question, it’s a visceral sigh. I cry for her. We know something of the stress and pain from our Dad’s passing, but it’s very, very hard on everyone. So sad. So hard.

Today, I’ve started scanning another set of old glass and film negatives from Uncle Darcey in Brisbane. After he died a few weeks ago, his sons found another few boxes of glass negatives and some film negs from around the 1920s and 1930s.These are big negs, about 4×5 inches — 100x125mm. Unfortunately, they’re not in good condition and not as sharp as I’d like, but the shot below is a section of one:

1927 Hubmobile. Our grandfather is on the left, I think.
Enlargemment of the middle. Click on it to see full size.

 Last year I scanned the main set for them, 140 negs, put them onto a DVD and made them into a DVD slide show. I just did a count of these new glass ones – there were only 13. Not so many this time —

Uh oh!  The other box has lots and lots of film negs, maybe another 100? I’m not complaining – far from it, I love doing this scanning. Each neg is a new discovery.

I can’t emphasise this enough – these are history. YOU should be out shooting pics with an eye for your legacy. It’s so easy now compared with the old days. Even in my street, so many things have changed in the past 25 years. I’ve got a lot of photos of the street, but none of the former shopping centre that I used for so many years, now demolished. I can remember it in my mind, but I have nothing to show, and I wish I had.

Our environment is changing all the time and we should record the old scenes. That’s the point — in these negs, it’s seeing the old way of life that’s so interesting. One shot shows my uncle with a newspaper in his hand and it’s open at the Ginger Meggs page! I love it. It’s fine to see people I know in the shots, but I get a bigger thrill seeing scenes of life at that time. What amazing changes we’ve gone through:

Party in Sydney, 1930s

Notice how all the boys are wearing ties!

Jack and Bill, about 1933, maybe.

That’s our Dad on the left and his younger brother Bill on the right. He passed on recently, too. So get out there and shoot for your kids’ memories. Not just of the kids, but what surrounds them. And for Dog’s sake, make notes on the prints or the files. It’s so frustrating when you have no information about who, what, where.

I managed to clear all the stored programs off my TV DVD recorder today for the first time in about three years! I sometimes have 30 or more programs lined up waiting for me to either watch them or copy them to DVD, but rarely do I get it done. I doubt I’ll bother with TV reception in Bali – there’s not much I want, and I’ve got hundreds of TV programs and more hundreds of commercial DVDs stored up to watch, so I don’t think I’ll be bored.

Minnie’s definitely losing weight, but she still won’t eat that dry food. I weakened a little and mixed in about 1/6th of a tin of canned food tonight, about 100g, so that she had to eat the dry food to get it. She ate it with relish, so I hope I haven’t buggered things up.

I loaded the car up with old clothes and CD cases today, but it was too hot to go out and dump them. I’ll do it tomorrow. But I think it’s time to get a dumper bin delivered. Time to get ruthless.