I’ve been scanning negs for the past month, as I said. These are from our dear departed Brisbane uncle Darcey. He served in the Middle East during WWII and was a newspaper photographer all his working life.

I’m sure his sons won’t mind if I post a few samples, because they’re too good to hide.

Ain’t that nice? Beautiful lemony colour. Don’t know who it is, but it’s Kodak colour negative film.  
Somewhere in the Middle East, an army group.
A transport ship, to where? I’d be terrified at what was to come!

Original, ancient, authentic. Life in Palestine? 1941 or thereabouts, I would guess?

There were 80 negs to scan and I’m finished now. They are mostly 80mm x 105mm (3 1/4″ x 4 1/4″). I always enjoy doing it because each scan reveals a new scene and a new item of interest. This is history!

Yet on The On-Line Photographer today, a retired US pro photo-journalist was saying he tried to give his library of thousands of negs to museums and galleries but no-one wanted them! They wanted scans, done for free, but not the negs. He ended up burning the lot. His conclusion? The new generation is not interested in the past. Things are moving too quickly now.

Sorta makes you think, doesn’t it? History is bunk, as a famous person once said.

Mystery solved

The mystery of The Holy Handtools has been solved. My brother has them. I must have passed them over at some time, but I have no memory of it.

However, if they do turn out to have value, I want my share! I am not renouncing that. We’ll see. Veeeeerrrry interesting, as they used to say on Laugh In.


It’s true. A “mate” assured me last night that his auntie’s daughter’s boyfriend’s mate’s brother’s uncle’s grandmother took her dog into Bali only six months ago and that I was worrying about nothing.

But I’ve posted the question on http://www.balipod.com this morning and I’m assured repeatedly that no four legged animals, including dogs, are allowed into or out of Bali. The ban has been in force for more than a year and may be reviewed in 2012, but even then will probably not be lifted until after Minnie’s demise.

Even if I took her legally into Java/Jakarta/Surabaya, she still has to be quarantined for 14 days. That means caged and exposed to other diseases and all the stress of separation.

This is too much. I am despondent.