Abuse? You wouldn’t read about it.

WA’s ABC News bulletin on Saturday evening at 7pm showed an item of some of the worst, most shocking cruelty to animals it has ever been my misfortune to see. It was YouTube vision, I believe, of a piggery in NSW and their unbelievable methods of penning and killing the pigs.
Yes, they included a warning beforehand, but I was unprepared for the vision itself.
I’ve lost my fear of operations, dissections and war victims – doesn’t bother me, but I draw the line at animal cruelty. I have never been able to watch the Indonesian abattoir video, for example, after seeing just a few seconds of that terrified cow slithering all over the blood soaked floor.
However, I was unprepared for the horrific vision they showed of a terrified pig being swung at with  a sledge hammer. That will live with me for too long. I admit, I broke down in tears. I had to turn away. I saw enough of the tightly penned sows to last me a lifetime.
I have complained to Media Watch. They seem interested but can’t seem to grasp that it was on ABC News and came from their own Sydney news room!! I’ve had to explain where I saw it, twice.
I realised I might still have Saturday night’s news on my HDD recorder and I might have been able to dump it off.  But when I thought about doing that, I realised I will never be able to bring myself to watch it again!

I said to the researcher, I warn you, it will shock you, turn your stomach if you have any feeling for animals. I will not willingly watch it again. If you wanted to torture me, extract secrets from me, all you would need to do would be force me to watch that.

In addition, I don’t have kids but I am almost having nightmares about it. I have to force myself away from thinking about it. The effect on kids caught unawares …

Someone told me it came from YouTube originally, from a disgruntled (hah! how ironic) employee. They certainly removed the grunts from these pigs.

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