He died with perfect teeth

Kuta, dental paradise.
I’ve been to the dentist in the past two weeks and I’m pleased to say they found no decay or anything needing urgent treatment.
But today, they presented me with a treatment plan.
$8,698 please.
I’ll give ’em this, they’re optimists! I do not believe I will proceed with this. Surprise, surprise.
My teeth are worn down, one front tooth needs capping and the front pair need straightening. But do I care? I’d like to have good, white teeth and a million dollar smile, yes, but not at $8,700.
If I do anything, the first thing would be a trip to Bali to get a check and quote in Kuta. I’ve been recommended to a dentist there and told the surgery is as modern and clean as anything here. The other choice is Thailand, of course. People swear by the safety and high standards. I would check it out, of course.
So dream on, Duncraig Dental care.
Plus, as far as I was concerned my next appointment was 13 August and I have an appointment card to prove it. But this morning the phone rings and, “Uh, Mr Croft, have you forgotten?” What? “You were due here 15 mins ago.”
No I wasn’t. I had the card to prove it is next week. They don’t have an appointment for me for the 13th, though.
Anyway, I went, but if they can’t get that right … ?

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