Minnie dog

Minnie dog
Minnie is starting to worry me just a little. She seems fine, although the tumour near her right hip is protruding a lot now. Yet she lies on it. That says to me it doesn’t hurt.
But she’s slow to take her food now. She still eats it all, but she won’t take a piece of meaty bone from my hand. I have to drop it. She thinks about it, then picks it up a few seconds later. She even leaves a bit sometimes.
I’m slowly reducing the amount I feed her. Sometimes she doesn’t even come to the door looking for her dinner, so I don’t chase her.
But last night I went to bed late, about 1am. It was cold and had started to rain. I looked out the front and she wasn’t there under the verandah. She wasn’t out the back either. I didn’t want to go out in the rain so I shouted for her to come in. No response.
I started to worry a bit. I’ve been leaving the front gate open – she ain’t going anywhere. But she was nowhere to be seen. I shouted and cajoled. Nothing. Had she wandered off? Surely not?
Finally, I went out in the rain and round the side near the lounge room chimney. I know she likes to lie there, and there she was, in a sand depression, even though she was getting wet.

This time she got up when I called her and came in to the front, still outside but at least she was dry now. I tried to get her to come inside, but she won’t. No matter how cold, she wants to sleep outside.

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