This is uncanny


The more time goes on, the more I’m noticing coincidences.

I’ve just been reading the ABC News web site at the breakfast table and it mentioned a Telstra announcement at a conference in Barcelona.

At that very moment, the BBC Radio news said “Barcelona” in an item to do with Real Madrid football team.

I can hardly write an email or a blog post without the same word that I’m writing being heard on the radio at the same instant. These coincidences are happening over and over again. I guess it’s just that we’re reading and hearing so much more information than we were 20 or 30 years ago. Unnerving, though.

I lost 1Kg in one day yesterday. This obesity thing is weird, as well as being frustrating. There are days when I swear I gain more weight than I’ve eaten in weight of food. Yet yesterday, I lost 1Kg without really doing anything different. It must be water retention and loss. Frustrating. I’m taking a diuretic and it certainly has its effect.

Minnie is on a diuretic tablet now, too, and is visibly losing weight. She still only nibbles at the Euthanasia dry food, so she’s hardly eating anything. No wonder she’s losing weight. She’s drinking a lot more water, though, so something’s having an effect.

My mind has partly been put at rest by finding JetPets. They are a company which specialises in pet transport, and they advertise that they handle everything, from collection at your house to delivery at the other end. I bet they charge a pretty penny, but they must know that they have we pet owners over a barrel. We’ll pay anything to be sure our pets are looked after. Vets know that too.

However, I phoned them at 4.30pm yesterday and got an answering machine quoting Eastern time. I left a message asking them to return my call, but nothing so far. Doesn’t bode well. I think there are Perth local firms that do the same, so JetPets had better call soon.

My mind at the moment

After my experience at the Aston Hotel in Denpasar on New Year’s Eve, when they charged me for a party ticket I never received, I contacted Expedia, the booking agency, to complain. They immediately replied, saying they would email the hotel asking them to refund the amount ($55).

That was a month ago, and surprise, surprise, no refund has been given. Did I expect anything different? That hotel stubbornly refused all my requests. Despite promises, the manager never contacted me.

So I’ve emailed Expedia again saying this and I await their response, but my next move is to post black reviews on web sites and complain to the Bali Tourist Authority. I’ll try to have their star rating downgraded. See how they like that. Worst overall hotel experience I’ve ever had!

The stress of this house sale and clearance is building. I dumped a huge quantity of clothing yesterday, and I’m ordering a bulk bin today to take all the stuff I simply can’t get rid of. I’ve tried and tried to give it away, but no-one wants anything much. Everyone already owns everything! No-one wants for anything in this country. I’m as guilty as anyone – I’ve bought so many things and never even used them. Crazy.


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