I’d better get used to it


I’d never heard of it, but on Saturday 5 March at dawn (6am) for 24 hours, Bali will be shut down.


It’s a 24 hour silence and darkness period to reflect on the Balinese religion. That includes the airport and all sea ports. No lights, no fires, no activity, no tours, no nothing. Not a bad idea, I reckon, but it’ll disrupt a few travel plans. My flight is at 2345 on Sunday 6 March, so I escape the curfew.

Poor NZ. The shaky isles indeed. I’ve never been there and I really should go, but…

My clearance and packing continues apace. This is therapeutic! All those books and CDs and DVDs! I don’t need them. Out! Out! I still have the contents of the electronic items of course, but all that clutter is gone! Whole cupboards of cooking utensils, pots and pans and plastic ware. Stuff I haven’t even set eyes on in 15 years, buried in cupboards. Crazy. It really does make you feel better to get rid of it. So many documents, so many brochures, files, leaflets, ring binders, all for forgotten schemes and wasted plans. Out! Out!

What change we’re going through. So many things seemed important ten years, even five years ago, but are now redundant. I used to keep up with digital TV technology, but it’s all changing even more, so what’s the point?

I think even my slides are going into the bin. If I haven’t scanned it by now, it can’t be important enough. Thousands of slides, but I’ve been through them once and that’s got to be it. Renew, refresh, regenerate. I still have the electronic versions, and that has to be it. Time now to generate new material, not dwell on the old.

Yet, I can see the paradox. I’m the one saying get out and record history. Hmmm, well, I’ve done that and scanned what’s worth keeping, I think. Who’ll take the old? How do I store it?

I also have a big box of all Dad’s stuff — letters, slides, negs, prints. I’ve tried to pass it on, but no-one wanted it. Too late now. I’ll scan as much as I can, but…

What a time we’re going through. Butterfly’s wings? Financial turmoil worldwide; political upheaval everywhere; wild, unprecedented weather; extreme drought and record heatwave in lower WA; the opposite in the rest of the state and the whole of Australia; huge technological change, rendering all our old ideas obsolete… it’s a bit hard to cope, isn’t it?

Minnie continues to get thinner and bouncier. She’s such a happy dog. She smiles at me and pants her feelings. How can I leave her? All I can hope is that my trip on 6-12 March will throw up a solution.


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