I’m back on the air

My phone is now working (as of about 2pm today). Same number, different network, that’s all. I hope it will improve all the distortion, dropouts and fading you and I have been experiencing. If not, I’ll buy a new phone or swap networks or both.

Busselton thunderstorm, 1991

What??? department again.

I went to Bunnings today to buy a couple of small things, but mainly to get some cardboard boxes for all my packing. As you know, Bunnings has a whole wall of boxes for customers to use for their purchases. I’ve always assumed they want to get rid of them, because they must pile up at a huge rate.

So I loaded up my trolley with as many boxes as I could carry.

I walked out past the sentry lady (the Bunnings employee who checks you’re not stealing anything!) She looked at me with a sceptical leer and said, “You’re lucky it’s me. If it was the other lady, she wouldn’t let you out.” Yok yok!

What??? What have I done wrong? Was she saying I wasn’t allowed to have these boxes? I just said, “I’m moving” and kept walking but I was made to feel uncomfortable. I had been accused of something, what, I don’t know.

I’m the customer, dammit! She made me feel bad. What’s going on here? Looks like I’ll have to make a complaint to find out what I’ve done wrong. But how dare she?

What???? department, Case 2:

A couple of days ago I went through Woolies checkout with my groceries. I was putting them on the counter when I became aware that the checkout guy had stopped scanning them and had said something. I looked up and said “Pardon” to find him staring at me. He said, “How are you?” in a tone that demanded I answer. I said “Fine, thanks”, and he resumed scanning.

Take a bow, Zachary. You’ve asserted your youthful superiority, demanding that I answer your query about my health!

What is going on here? I’m tired of these demands that I explain what I have planned for the weekend, or if my day’s been good so far, or that I have a good night or weekend. I had another checkout guy calling me “Buddy” last year.

It looks like I might have to include this when I complain about being charged $1 each extra for three Italian panini rolls which went through as Danish Pastries!

Another day, another rant.


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