God moves in mysterious ways

“Suffer the children to come unto me …”
Suffer is right. Once again, the church has cost boys their lives and covered it up. Cardinal George Pell, Archbishop of Sydney, is in this up to his neck. This holy man! Holier than thee, Holier than me, Holier than thou.

He pontificates (top word) against abortion, contraception, gays and gay marriage, but he turns a blind eye to his priests buggering boys and driving them to suicide. I predict that some of the church leaders are going to see the inside of a jail cell. I think he should.

From the ABC’s web site:
“Now this is not the first time that allegations have been made against Julian Fox and I think that an important response to the story last night will be for the worldwide head of these Salesians, Rector Major in Rome, to order Julian Fox to return to Australia to face whatever police investigation there may be, as a condition for remaining in the Salesian order.”

But he says if the church’s past behaviour is anything to go by, this will not happen.


As Paul Kennedy says, Cardinal Pell has stated that he thinks the church has taken enough action.

Paul Kennedy also says we shouldn’t expect the Catholic church in Australia to go any further in righting these wrongs. They’ve shown, both here and worldwide that they won’t take action.

It’s clear that Catholic clergy regard young boys (and girls, at times) as their sexual playthings and they have a licence to be paedohiles. These Men of God!

I’ve been collecting items for about a year.


Church’s suicide victims

Confidential police reports detail the suicides of at least 40 people sexually abused by Catholic clergy in Victoria, and urge a new inquiry into these and many other deaths suspected to be linked to abuse in the church.


SMH 23 June 2012

A landmark Australian study has found the vast majority of people who are sexually abused as children do not become offenders themselves.

But the study finds that overall they are five times more likely than other members of the population to be charged with some sort of offence.


I previously missed the story about the Catholic Church being involved in child abductions in Spain. It’s been the subject of articles (e.g. here) and documentaries earlier this year. The allegations are that up to 300,000 children may have been taken away from their mothers after birth and then sold, all over a course of four or five decades.
This is a moral disgrace in addition to the existing Catholic Church child rape scandal, which is already raging. Here’s Austin Cline’s summary:

Apparently stolen babies purchased from the Catholic Church may have amounted to 15% of all adoptions (the term has to be used very loosely here) in all of Spain between 1960 and 1989. It wasn’t until 1987 that anything started to change, and that was only because the Spanish government began to regulate adoptions instead of the Catholic hospitals. In other words, the Catholic leaders and institutions never chose to change on their own and never acknowledged ever doing wrong.

Cline goes on to point out that this is not a Catholic phenomenon per se, but rather one associated with unaccountable power. However, it is also tempting to emphasize that the Catholic Church claims to be and is largely considered to be a global moral authority. It is hard to conceive what more it could do to prove otherwise, when one considers how it has treated children elsewhere (including the systematic covering up of what its child-raping priests did) and the Pope’s appalling stance on AIDS prevention (which amounts to telling the highest risk groups that contracting the disease is preferable to the “sin” of contraception).
Invariably horrendous crimes arise wherever there is unaccountable power, obviously including that which rests on ridiculous metaphysics, blind faith and sexual repression.
Catholics who understand that it is wrong to abduct and sell or rape a child should ask themselves why a good and loving God permits not only that this happens, but that it is carried out by his self-professed representatives on Earth. Why hasn’t God stopped them himself?

 In Ireland, Catholic priests buggered boys with abandon for decades and the higher church covered it up, then covered it even more when the men finally broke free.

Religion is evil. All over the world, religion is costing children their lives. In the USA, a Catholic priest has recently been sentenced to a long jail term for abusing boys and lying about it for years.

Richard Dawkins is right. Atheism is the answer. We’ve been deceived for too long.

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