Did you get your cancer shot?

This one occurred on 12 April this year. That’s the Earth, in proportional size, top right.
Did you know? On Saturday the Sun emitted a giant Coronal Mass Ejection and into Sunday, 14 and 15 July, we were bombarded by high energy particles. Now I know why my Wi-Fi modem was constantly dropped out on Saturday!
Doesn’t matter much if you were inside or outside, you were hit by invisible radiation. The vast majority was absorbed and deflected by the Earth’s magnetic field, but we all got a bit that got through. We probably got as much as as several plane flights’ worth of radiation in one day.
(Plane flights’ worth? Yep. Even inside that metal tube, you’re being hit by gamma radiation and cosmic rays. It’s bad enough that flight attendants are warned that if they get pregnant, watch out. And that’s just the women!)
So next time you hear about power lines or phone tower radiation or rare earth radiation, check the facts and get things in proportion, please. They are trivial in comparison.

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