Strange bedfellows

NW WA coast somewhere.
“Politics throws up strange bedfellows”. I never thought I would be agreeing with Geoff Cousins, that extremely wealthy ex-advertising man who seems to be a self appointed intellectual, but I am.
He’s warning the chairman of Woodside, Michael Chaney, developers of the James Price point gas hub, not to proceed, due to environmental dangers.
I admit I’ve been sitting on the fence about this. The local aboriginal owners agreed to the development a couple of years ago. That was good enough for me.
I even agreed with Colin Barnett! I’m not anti-development. We need jobs, we need to do things, we need the wealth from royalties and sales. I’m not automatically against development.
But when an avowed Liberal and conservative says STOP, I listen. I should revise my indifference. He wouldn’t be saying it’s dangerous without doing his homework.
So, I concur. Stop the plan to send the bulldozers to James Price Point.

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