Who’s a clever boy, then?

Trigg sunset.  11 July 2012  © PJ Croft 2012
I  said I can fix anything?
The carpet man is coming today so I needed to get the big desktop PC back and running. I upended it, took cards out and reseated them, took the memory sticks out and reinserted them, tightened screws, tidied cables away, pressed the CPU down into its socket, connected cabled keyboard and mouse and powered up again.
Good as gold. I give Windows credit – it offered to do a repair and roll back and up came the system, solid and stable again. SO FAR! Enough to get my drawing printed out anyway.
Therefore I’ve been able to print out exactly where the carpet is to go and calculate the area – 73.36m2, which is almost exactly what they offer for $2K. Bob’s your father’s brother.
I have also scanned the floor plan from the villa I saw yesterday, flipped it L-R to the layout I saw, and I’m now going to vectorise it and redraw it with interpolated dimensions for the sales lady, as well as myself.
The supervisory woman said to me yesterday, “Oh, you know computers, do you?” I said, lady, I can do anything, including fix them. She said “And teach them?” I said yes, and I like doing that. She looked pleased and I think I will fit that village like a glove.
I have rediscovered my classical CD stocks as well recently. My eight year old Pioneer DVD player gives a particularly sweet CD sound, so combined with my wonderful old Tannoy Mercury speakers, I’m listening to a lot of music now, as I used to do.
I would love to hold music appreciation sessions in this village. I have absorbed a lot of knowledge of serious music in 50 years of listening and I can tell almost straight away what a piece of music is, ie name and composer, the period it was composed in, and a bit of the background of the times. In fact, one of my favourite things is musical quizzes – ie play a piece, even as little as one chord or one note, and name the piece or composer etc. I admit it’s an ego thing!
That was the hard part when I first started all those years ago – I didn’t know where the composers fitted in the musical spectrum, who was who. Now I do.
I’m listening to Richard Strauss, Metamorphosen at this moment. I feel as if that’s what I’m doing, metamorphosing.
In fact I’d use the words phase transition, a change from one state to another. My only worry is that I’m going to run out of time, that I’ll be struck down by some disease before I’ve had time to do all the things I want to do.  I think I’d better have that colonoscopy after all.
PS: I’ve discovered WordPress blogging software and it seems far superior to this Blogger bucket of bugshit. I will be transferring all my stuff over, slowly. I’ll put up a link.

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