Ya wouldn’ be dead for quids!

I call this my mundane shot – nothing special, just my backyard in interesting light.
What an amazing day! What an absolutely fun, amazing day! Anyone who thinks I would be dead has got the wrong guy.
It started off with the rainbows in my post below. That got me in a good mood. Then I fixed the big PC – that got me feeling even better. Then I fixed my DAB+ radio (new speaker). Better still.
Then I got some good writing done, including my blog, writing to congratulate the ABC 7.30 Report on last Friday’s episode and then commenting on the US/Australia economic situation on The On-Line Photographer http://theonlinephotographer.typepad.com/the_online_photographer/2012/07/open-mike-how-rich-do-you-have-to-be.html#comments . The guy who writes this, the best photography blog on the web, Mike Johnson, is a deep thinker, philosopher, excellent writer and all round nice bloke (despite being an American!).
So that took me to 1.30pm when Pawal, the carpet guy arrived to measure up and show me samples. I’d been to Carpet Call on Saturday and he was supposed to come at 11am, but asked if he could come at 1.30pm. Yeah, no problem because it gave me time to fix the PC and print my drawings out.
I showed him my drawings and measurements, and he went around verifying them and calculating, then brought the samples in.
I had said, and I reinforced, it’s not my decision what the carpet should be – I’m leaving it to Barry as he’s the one who has to sell the house. I don’t care how bland the carpet is, I won’t be here. It’s rental material.
At that stage I called Barry and told him the carpet guy was here. “I’ll be there in 5 minutes”, Barry said, and he was.
This is Barry Wood, Bazza.
What followed was one of the funniest, most interesting hours I’ve ever seen or had!
Here I had two salesmen battling each other. Pawal is Indian. Bargaining, haggling is in his blood and he won’t mind me saying that. Barry is the consummate salesman, cars and real estate. He fights tooth and claw for the client. In this case I was the client.
I laughed until tears were streaming, but I had to shut up and let Barry handle it. It was like Yes, Minister last night – Sir Humphrey said to Jim Hacker, “Please Minister, just be quiet and agree with me” when talking to the French Ambassador. This was just like that. 
This was two professionals slugging it out. This was theatre. I tell you, if it had been left up to me, as I said to Pawal, I would have said, go away, I want to get another quote or two, because his initial price was way, way above the “whole house for $2,000” advert. It was close to double that, and I’m only talking 85 sq. m. of carpet.
But Barry saved me about $1,000 today. It was a battle royal! Barry knows Pawal’s area boss, so he asked to talk to the guy when Pawal checked back with the office. Haggle, haggle, haggle – Indian against professional salesman. It was classic theatre. I wish I’d been able to record it!
As a result, I’m getting underlay and nail strips, whereas I would have buckled and said nah, no underlay, glue strips. AND I’m getting my 2nd bedroom recarpeted in that price, whereas I would have let it stay with old crappy carpet.
So I’m paying nearly 50% more than the $2,000 advertised whole house price, but that was with no underlay, and I’m getting quite a lot more area than I thought I needed.
While all this was happening, the weather changed from the blue sky day it had been to this:
It’s still blue, but thunderstorm blue. Minnie had been outside:
But she came inside and stayed inside.  The tree I saw this morning all golden became this:
I think the conifer “leaves” have changed their direction because it’s not as gold, more green.
Then Barry stayed for a single beer and went through both the St Ives sales, to see what the history of the villas is, and then my street and the Trigg area sales on the REIWA website. This is agent only info, not available to me, so now I have printouts of the history of both areas. Invaluable.
And finally I phoned Mike and Troy to ask if they can come on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning to move furniture around while the carpet is laid. Yeah, no problem. Phew! Very grateful.
What a day! Just shows – I had no idea when I awoke this morning listening to the gloomy world news.
Oh, and now I’m listening to Rossini.

And PS: no-one will read this. I have two “friends” in particular who have pointedly said, No Pete, I will NOT read your blog. See what I mean? I am sloughing them off. I don’t think they actually know the meaning of that word, let alone how to pronounce it. Hah, pah.

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