With friends like this!

The Art of War – Kill your allies. Why do we bother?
I have just posted this on The Atlantic’s web site, a US news magazine:
I am an angry Australian. The Australian SAS are the among the very best, very toughest special forces in the world, but they are secretive. They usually NEVER talk about it. We NEVER see their faces. They fight and are disabled or die without telling. They have been in Iraq and Afghanistan for the past 12 years supporting the US in anti insurgent fighting.

In the past few days, a new documentary has been released where former SAS soldiers and officers have spoken on camera for the first time.

A former SAS officer spoke on TV here last night and said the greatest fear the Aussie SAS hold is not the Taliban, it’s the US! Blue on blue! He said time after time, they have been shot at, bombed or targeted by US drones or Predator gun ships. They fear the US more than anything else in Afghanistan.

He cited an example where a Predator targeted a supposed column of enemy armoured vehicles and was poised to fire on them. In fact, it was a line of 14 poplar trees behind which the SAS were sheltering. They got the strike stopped just in time and got out of there.

This goes right back to Viet Nam. Aussie casualties from US forces were rife. The gun culture – blaze away at anything that moves and look later.

Thanks a lot guys, and thanks for giving me the opportunity to vent so soon.

I added, “I expect now to be targeted by all the gun freaks and super patriots.”


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