Abuse from Carpet Call!

Once again, I have to clear the rooms! He left the heater fan running.
Minnie’s bored by all this.
This is the guts of my house, out for the weekend. Lucky it isn’t raining.
He left the passage like this, with nail strips.
The small white square is a piece of nail strip for me to tread on.
And another pair, right where I tread, nails up!
Sometimes I think I’m a lucky, lucky guy. Very often, things just fall my way or I have lucky escapes.
But yesterday, Friday 27 July, I had the worst customer experience day it is possible to imagine!

It was new carpet day. I was looking forward to having a good clean carpet floor right now for the first time in many years (having dogs wrecked my carpet – always dirty).

At 8pm Friday evening and through now, Saturday 2:15pm, ALL my furniture and computer gear (except this laptop on the table) is outside in the cold and dew on the back patio and the job is only half done. I have my table and a few chairs, and nothing else.

The guy complained to me when he arrived and during the day for not having the house TOTALLY 100% cleared of things by the time he arrived at 0845,

I had 95% cleared it when he arrived and the rest was on castors. I assumed I’d be able to just wheel it out of the way as he worked, but in any case, Mike and Troy were due to come and would roll them outside. What’s the problem?
I showed him the rooms as I wanted him to do them in order, lounge and main bedroom already totally 100% cleared. We, Barry and I, had planned to move the wardrobes from one room to another as he did the job.
Oh no, he said I was supposed to have the house 100% cleared and he needed to put down the “clear edges” and wouldn’t be able to do it unless the house was totally cleared. “Clear edges”? Nail strips. I said I had never heard of clear edges and anyway, what was the problem, he could start on two rooms and by the time he was ready, Mike and Troy would have the rest clear.
Well, not good enough and he phoned his boss and complained about me. His boss phoned me and asked why I’m holding him up?
I said I’m not, but I can’t talk now, I’ll call back later. Boy, will I ever.

Barry arrived and talked to him, saying to do as much as possible and we would go out. Barry took me to lunch and tried, successfully, to calm me down.

Then after more aggro, the carpet storm-trooper left at 3pm, job not finished, saying he’ll be back on Monday to finish the job, blaming me for causing him delay.  The implication is that this will cost me extra!

I was sitting out the back among the contents of my house talking to a good friend Peter Dales, who had visited. 

I said, “But where am I going to sleep tonight? My bed is outside!”

The carpet storm-trooper just shrugged and turned and left, at 3pm.

My friend Pete Dales has just retired from a job servicing dentists’ and doctors’ sterilisers. As he said, you never leave a customer in the lurch like that, and especially you don’t knock off at 3pm with the job not finished.

CARPET CALL! NEVER EVER USE THEM! This guy was an aggro bastard. He was abusing me for not doing what he thought I should have done for him. Blaming me for him not being able to finish today.

He left me with all my furniture outside and no bed to sleep on, and loose carpet nail strips in the hallway, on the concrete, nails upwards. I have photos, and Pete Dales at 3pm saw the departure. Pete’s jaw was on the floor. He is my witness. He has been working in a customer service job and as he said, you never leave a customer in the lurch. That’s what happened to me today – this carpet slug left me hung out to dry. Or hung out to dew, actually.

Oh, as well, he left me with three rolls of carpet in the laundry blocking my access to my toilet. As you know, I’m a bit restricted in movement. Too bad, for this guy.

(Pete Dales saw my good friends Mike and Troy arrive and they brought my bed back inside, so I will be able to sleep tonight, but … )

Good old Barry took me out to lunch at Scarborough to calm me down, because I was in a state of nervous anxiety, wondering what this guy was going to do to me.
I’m writing it all down in detail because I’m going to make the biggest complaint in history to Carpet Call and I’m documenting it here. I have photos of it all, of course, and witnesses, four of them. All were appalled.

I can’t say anything yet because the guy has to come back and finish the job on Monday (I’m hoping it doesn’t rain in the next three days!) so I musn’t upset him.

But I was sitting here (outside, of course) almost head in hands all day from this guy.

And now, no TV because it’s all dismantled and outside, and I missed the Olympics Opening!! 

UPDATE: Saturday afternoon – I’ve got TV reception back and am watching the Opening repeated.

Fuck! What did I do to deserve this?

I’m a member of CHOICE on-line and they are running a customer experience campaign at the moment. Guess where Carpet Call are going to be featured?

I can’t say anything until Tuesday but I intend to march in there and say, “YOU BASTARDS!”
They’ve already lost Pete Dales’s business because he needs a carpet job and knows now where NOT to go.
Oh, and this morning I found a 2″ square piece of nail strip on my bathroom floor, nails upwards, just waiting for me to tread on it. Luckily I didn’t. He also left nail strips down the passage as well.
Sigh. I was reallly looking forward to sleeping on my double bed for the first time in over a year last night. Not yet – he hasn’t done that bedroom yet.

PS: I forgot to say – I heard an odd noise last night but couldn’t work out what it was, a whining noise. I found it this morning – he’d knocked the lounge room heater fan on and it was running all night! Not the heater itself, just the fan. But it’s cost me a dollar or two in power.

OMD! Luckily Minnie keeps me calm.

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