The future

enceladus saturn moon surface
Enceladus. There may be life on this icy moon of Saturn.
I’ve been thinkin’. Yeah, it hurts a bit, but it’s nearly beer o’clock and that’ll ease the pain. I take that fantastic medicine that comes in tall brown bottles. Lovely stuff!

I’ve been making a mental list of things that would set us doing handsprings, lift us up and shake us and make us realise, we will be OK.

I’m an eternal optimist. I believe science and technology are advancing so much and so fast that I don’t worry too much about the future. Even my doom laden post about methane doesn’t set me back too much, despite my forebodings. Something will turn up.

So here’s my list of things I want to see and I reckon are coming. I’m no scientist. I just read a lot.

These are in a rough order of importance and impact, highest first:

  1. A visitation from a friendly alien people (whatever “people” means);
  2. Reception of a decodable, understandable, friendly message from another star or planet;
  3. Discovery of sentient life on another planet, wherever it is;
  4. Discovery of life on a planet in our solar system;
  5. Achievement of fusion power, or any other infinite, non-polluting power source, eliminating the need for oil and coal and all the destruction they cause;
  6. Achievement of transport powered in the same way – ie no need for oil and petrol;
  7. Discovery of a way to eliminate humans’ need to fight and kill each other, ie ALL humans become non-aggressive pacifists, without exception;
  8. Discovery of the basis for disease, ie the fundamental reasons underlying illness and disease, and why DNA goes wrong for us;
  9. Discovery of the basis of sleep and dreaming, and a way to engender restful, peaceful happiness without harmful drug treatment for anyone who wants it, a voluntary choice, without harmful side effects;
  10. Discovery of the basis of mental illness and cures for schizophrenia, depression, psychopathy, other psychoses and all the other terrible mental illnesses;
  11. Development of ways to reliably control the weather, to eliminate droughts and major weather disasters;
  12. Elimination of the need for organised religion as we presently understand it.
That’ll do for now. I may add more, but let’s not get too ambitious.

Note the things I do NOT include:

  1. Immortality – how are you going to pay for your eternal lifetime?
  2. Aging and death – how many people can the planet support?
  3. Elimination of war – when the need to fight and kill is understood, wars will no longer occur.
  4. An endless supply of food – we already have that, if you think about it.
  5. Riches for everyone, “all the gold you can eat”  – what’s left to strive for if everyone is rich?
  6. Elimination of poverty – there will always be people who cannot manage their lives and will be poor. Their lives will improve along with all the other discoveries.
Hmmm. Time for another dose of medicine.
Oh, that’s right! I forgot Point 13: The development of the perfect beer and an endless supply on tap in my kitchen.
PS: it has taken me nearly four hours and multiple tries at saving, editing, reporting Blogger faults, then copying and composing in MS Word (the final solution) to get this posted. EVEN NOW, this is appearing in Times when the rest is Georgia. This is f..cking hopeless. I’m posting now in desperation.

And even though this text appears in Times on the edit screen, on the posted blog, it’s Arial!!!! This is ludicrous. Yet Google is considered to be a top company!

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